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Buyer: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

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The Seller sells the Buyer the motor vehicle described below:
1. Motor Vehicle:
Make: Abschleppanhänger Model: 3.5 to - kippbar Body colour:
Year: NEU
(of Manufacture)
Engine Numer: VIN:
(Vehicle Identification Number)
Mileage (KM): 10 Type of vehicle: New | Used | Amateur Handicraftsman Vehicle | Damaged vehicle
according to the comprehensive description, listed details and images provided on my website: at the following price:
2. Purchase Price:  2a: Taxes / Sales Status:

VAT to be identified!
Difference in taxing acc. to Section 24 of the Austrian Turnover Tax Law (VAT Law)!

Third-country export sales!
Delivery within EU-countries, net!
Export sales exclusive of car registration tax (according to Section 12a of the Car Registration Tax Act, 1991)!

Exportprice I: 5.700,-- EUR exkl. MwSt.  
[UID Nummer und 3. Land Export!]
Exportprice II:
Trade price B2B:
Total purchase price: 6.950,-- EUR


in words EUR: _________________________________________________________________________

3. Terms of Payment:
The total purchase price is to be paid in cash / by bank transfer 7 days after transaction at the latest. Delay of payment shall entitle the Seller to claim default interest at a rate of 12 % p.a., and without further conditions as well as in the case of the Buyer failing to meet collection date according to article four, the Seller is entitled to withdraw from contract. If contract is cancelled by any circumstances induced by the Buyer, the Seller shall be entitled to claim in compensation from the Buyer a 10% cancellation fee of the total purchase price and / or compensation for the actual loss incurred.

4. Transfer / Collection:
The Buyer is to collect the motor vehicle at the collection address* of the Seller 7 days after transaction at the latest.
** COLLECTION ADDRESS: matzhold-com | Franz Matzhold | 8361 Hatzendorf 135 | Tel: 0664 / 3950875 (10 – 20 Uhr) **
At the time of unsuccessful expiration of collection date or in the case of delivery and collection of the vehicle respectively, at this set date at the latest all burden and risk connected with the possession of the vehicle shall pass on to the Buyer. The Seller is not liable to any damage or loss after collection date has expired fruitlessly (e. g. theft), unless Seller is to be held responsible for this incident by wilful and wanton negligent conduct. In the case that the motor vehicle is not collected in due time, the Seller shall be entitled to charge reasonable stall money (= 10 EUR per day).

5. Reservation:
The Seller preserves title of delivery item until payment had been made in full, including ancillary expenses. The Buyer is not authorized to dispose of the vehicle that is subject to reservation of title. In particular, the Buyer is not authorized to resell the vehicle!

6. Ancillary Verbal Agreements:
Any alteration of this contract shall be carried out in written form (see to article nine). Verbal ancillary agreements are not legally effective.

7. Warranty:
7a. The vehicle purchase takes place “AS SEEN” according to the comprehensive description for new and used cars on my website:
7b. The purchase shall take place without covenant regarding actual properties, current KM-mileage, current condition (vehicle road safety and operating reliability) and market value. The Buyer has closely inspected, checked und test driven the vehicle (or could have done so) and explicitly waives any warranty, including any hidden defects (valid for amateur handicraftsman vehicle and damaged vehicles).

8. Place of Performance / Place of Jurisdiction:
It shall be deemed to have been agreed upon: Place of Performance, Place of Delivery and Place of Jurisdiction: 8361 Hatzendorf. Austrian Law is to be applied.

9. Special Agreements: _________________________________________________________________________

Please note:
The sales contract is only valid upon receipt of the sales contract by, copy of identification included, countersigned by and returned by
Consequently, it is absolutely necessary to fill in all contact data in due form in order to be able to return the sales contract!
In the case the vehicle is sold in the meantime, you will be informed by In this case a countersigned contract sale will not be returned.

Hatzendorf, Day and Date:_______________________________________

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(x = Official Company Signature of the Buyer)
(O = Tick where applicable)
Please sign this sales contract and send it back together with
identification or passport copy to Thank you! - Franz Matzhold e.U.
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